Education on Wheels

Play, healthy recreation and consequently socialization is prerogative for a child’s emotional, intellectual and social development and we should nurture our young ones especially the lesser-privileged children.

Besides inducing fresh ideas, stimulating creativity and spontaneity toys and games also encourage free flow of thought, improves the power of observation and concentration. Games also teach values like discipline, honesty, truth, courage and so on.

Education on Wheels is a unique intervention which brings literacy as well as life skills education to the doorsteps of the underprivileged.Each bus is equipped with a teacher, white board, computer, projector/LCD screen, games, puzzles, drawings and basic study material, targeting both education and entertainment.Occasionally puppet and magic shows are performed and educational movies are shown to engage and entertain children.

This initiative was started in December 2015 with an aim is to motivate the under privileged children to join main stream education.